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TREE OF LIFE (Testimonials)

Has God Used Royal Cloth To Be A Blessing To You?

Let Us Know How.

I thank God that he led me to the Royal Cloth Ministry or shall I say family. I was invited by brother Maurice to come and fellowship with young believers such as myself. The invitation came at a time in my life when I needed to be surrounded by the people of God more then ever. The love that has been shown is only possible through Christ Jesus. I was given the opportunity to invite other friends and God has transformed their lives right in front of my eyes. Sharing is strongly encouraged, being led by the holy spirit first before anything, teaching, worshipping, reaching out to others, doing the work of the father and overall just loving others as christ loves the church. My spirit man is fed through this ministry. Honestly, if it wasn't for Royal Cloth I wouldn't know what real family in Christ meant but thank God I do! I'm blessed to have real brothers and sisters in Christ. Praise God for Royal Cloth.

Nicole Yasmine

Royal Cloth has been and continues to be a HUGE blessing to me! The wisdom and revelation that God gives my brother to share with me is awesome! I truly am thankful...

DaShon "GRACE" Davidson

"Prophetic Roundtable has become my new "church." From week to week Bro. Moses teaches on topics that are real. The personal stories and experiences share are helping me not only learn the word of God, but also what it means to serve him. The woman of God, Angel shares her life in such a powerful way that it encourages me that it is possible for me to overcome. I learned that strongholds like selfishness have played a devastating role in my life...causing me too hurt others and reap a harvest of prices. I've learned how to get free from these strongholds using tools like fasting and talking out or confessing my hurts and disappointments, rather than behave selfishly. The more I use these tools, the more change I see taking place in my life and it it is truly amazing. This ministry is powerful. Praise God for my new family and what he is doing through the simple act of picking up the phone from week to week."

Sis. Adams

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